Valmet farm tractors

Valmet Tractor was a company formed in 1951, in Finland. It produced a range of tractors, from compact models to large agricultural machines. The company was acquired by Valtra in 1997 and the Valmet brand is now used on a range of Valtra tractors.

Valmet History

Valmet was founded in 1951 as a subsidiary of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation. The first Valmet tractor, the "Valmet 15", was produced in 1953. In 1956, the company merged with Valtra, another Finnish manufacturer of agricultural equipment, and became known as Valtra-Valmet.

The Valmet brand has a long history and a wide range of models. Today, Valmet tractors are sold under the Valtra brand name. However, some older models are still referred to as "Valmets".

Valmet Lineup

Some of the most popular Valmet tractor models include:

  • The Valmet 15: The first-ever Valmet tractor, introduced in 1953. This model was produced until 1963.
  • The Valmet 20: A more powerful version of the 15, introduced in 1963. This model was produced until 1971.
  • The Valmet 25: A larger tractor than the 20, introduced in 1971. This model was produced until 1978.
  • The Valmet 30: An even more powerful tractor than the 25, introduced in 1978. This model was produced until 1984.
  • The Valmet 35: The most powerful Valmet tractor, introduced in 1984. This model is still in production today.