Kubota farm tractors

Kubota tractors are a Japanese company that manufactures and sells a wide variety of agricultural, construction, and lawn care equipment. The company has a long history dating back to 1890 when it was founded by Gonshiro Kubota.

Kubota History

Kubota tractors have been around since 1890 when the company was founded in Osaka, Japan. The company started out as a manufacturer of cast-iron pipes and other agricultural implements. In the early 1900s, Kubota began producing engines for use in boats and automobiles. during World War II, Kubota manufactured aircraft engines for the Japanese military. After the war, Kubota resumed the production of engines and tractors.

Kubota Lineup

Kubota offers a full line of tractors ranging from 22 horsepower to 110 horsepower. Commercial models include the M6040-Narrow utility tractor and the M7040-Wide utility tractor. Consumer models include the BX1880 subcompact tractor and the B2650 compact tractor.