Minneapolis-Moline farm tractors

The Minneapolis-Moline name first appeared in 1923, when the Minneapolis Steel & Machinery Company and the Moline Plow Company merged. The new company focused on producing tractors and other agricultural equipment.

Minneapolis-Moline History

In the 1930s, Minneapolis-Moline introduced a new line of tractors that became very popular with farmers. The company also diversified its product line to include construction equipment, lawnmowers, and industrial engines.

In the 1950s, Minneapolis-Moline was acquired by another company and began producing a wider range of products, including vehicles for the military. In 1963, the company changed its name to Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (later known as "Minnesota Mining" or just "MM").

Minneapolis-Moline Lineup

The Minneapolis-Moline product lineup was simple but effective. The company produced a full line of tractors, including the popular U series. They also produced a line of combines, which were some of the most advanced machines on the market at the time.