Keck-Gonnerman farm tractors

Keck-Gonnerman History

The Keck-Gonnerman Company was founded in 1883, in Mount Vernon, Indiana. The company started out as a foundry and machine shop. In the early years, they produced threshing machines and steam engines. In 1903, they produced their first tractor. It was a steam-powered tractor called the "Steam Elephant." This tractor was so big and heavy that it could only be used for fieldwork.

In 1910, Keck-Gonnerman introduced its first gasoline-powered tractor. This tractor was called the "Baby Giant." It was small enough to be used for plowing and other farm work. The company continued to produce tractors until 1957 when it ceased production due to financial difficulties.

Keck-Gonnerman farm tractor models