Hurlimann farm tractors

Hurlimann is a brand with a rich history and exciting future. Founded in 1842, Hurlimann has been manufacturing high-quality agricultural equipment for over 175 years. Today, the Hurlimann brand is part of the AGCO Corporation, one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment.

Hurlimann History

Hurlimann was founded in 1844 by Xavier and Henri-Georges Hurlimann in Horgen, Switzerland. The company began as a small iron foundry but quickly expanded into other areas of metal production. In the early 1900s, Hurlimann began producing agricultural equipment, which soon became the main focus of the company.

Hurlimann Lineup

The Hurlimann brand includes a wide range of products, from tractors and combine harvesters to hay rakes and plows. All of these products are designed to meet the needs of farmers and other customers who work in agriculture.