Farmall farm tractors

Farmall tractors were general-purpose tractors, suitable for farm work in all kinds of soil. They had a wide stance and low center of gravity, making them ideal for fieldwork. The Farmall tractor was immensely popular, and IH eventually produced a whole line of Farmall tractors.

Farmall History

The Farmall brand has a rich history dating back to the early days of farming. The brand was started by International Harvester, which was founded in 1902. The first Farmall tractor was produced in 1924. It was called the Farmall Regular. The Regular was a small tractor that could be pulled by horses or oxen. It had a cast-iron engine and steel wheels.

In 1939, International Harvester released the Farmall A, which became one of the most popular tractors of all time. The A was much larger than the Regular and had an air-cooled engine. It quickly became the standard tractor for farmers across America.