County farm tractors

County tractors have been a trusted name in the farming industry for over 50 years. The brand was founded in 1961 and has since become one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment. County tractors are known for their durability, performance, and comfort, making them a favorite among farmers and ranchers alike.

County Tractors History

The very first County tractor was built in 1948 by Harry Ferguson in Coventry, England. The company had its origins in a small foundry business started by the Ferguson family in 1885. By the early 1900s, they had begun to manufacture agricultural implements and soon diversified into engine building, eventually becoming one of the largest suppliers of engines to the UK government during World War I. In addition to their work with engines, the Fergusons also developed a new plow design which became extremely popular with farmers.

After the war, Harry Ferguson turned his attention back to tractors and set about designing a new model that would revolutionize farming. His idea was to create a tractor that could be used with various attachments, making it a versatile tool for farmers. He succeeded in his design and the new tractor, called the County, quickly became popular with farmers across the UK.

County Lineup

The brand offers a full line of tractors, from small sub-compact models to large articulated models, as well as a wide variety of attachments and implements to suit any need.