Centaur farm tractors

Centaur History

The Centaur tractor firm has a long and illustrious history, dating back to 1921. The firm's initial name was the Central Tractor Company, which changed in 1928 to the Centaur Tractor Company. The new moniker was inspired by the brand of sulky-style tractor manufactured by the company at the time, called the Centaur.

In 1934, Centaur applied for a patent for their unique "Klear View" concept. This design eliminated most obstacles in the operator's line of sight, giving him a good view of the ground beneath the tractor. In 1935, Centaur began manufacturing tractors based on this design.

By 1940, Centaur had run into financial difficulties and was compelled to go bankrupt. The firm was bought by the Oliver Farm Equipment Company and continued to make tractors under the Centaur name until 1957.

Centaur farm tractor models


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